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  • Falak

    May 20, 2022 at 9:35 AM

    one of the most prominent issue(s)

    about the causes behind it and (like poor administration/ police) they are lack of it’s management by the police

    its effective control by the rules and regulaions (regulations) of the government authorities and very wide roads contructions (constructions) (are the most viable solutions.- effective control has already been mentioned)

    The foremost problems caused by mismanagement of it by police ( it should be about “causes” not the problems)

    And also nowadays as there are so many vehicles on (in) the bigger cities

    efficint (efficient)

    sometimes lead(s) to lot of road accidents.

    automobiles proper management (proper management of automobiles) by the government

    Many words have been used repeatedly almost throughout the passage, lexical resources compromised.

    Need to work on “sentence framing”

    No example found.

    Prepositions are faulty at few places.

    Band : 2.5/6

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