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  • Kapil

    May 30, 2022 at 11:19 PM
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    In this 21st century, technology and science have grown rapidly, and it makes life easy for human beings. It is argued that people get more benefits to live in the urban area instead of sub-urban. I completely agree with this statement. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss the reasons to live in the city with examples and also provide a logical conclusion.

    First of all, the education is an essential requirement of the person, especially in this century it becomes mandatory to get higher education from the reputed university for the personal and professional growth, which they can get only from the metropolis where all these education sectors exist for the study, so it is the major reason for the migration. For instance, nowadays most of the companies have recruited those persons who earn a minimum bachelor’s degree, and lack of the facilities of college/university in the countryside, so students have to move to the city for the higher study.

    On the other hand, these days folks have became more concise about their career, and they are ready to stay anywhere in the world for it. Most of the multinational and well-known companies situated in the metro city have provided a number of advantages with high salary packages and opportunities to work in the modern environment, which helps to boost the career of the employees, so humans attract to it and they move to the city. i.e., as per the evidence by the pole of BBC, there was 40% population relocated to the metro in 2022, and only 20% population is remaining in the village to do farming. In addition, locals reckon that they can live a high standard lifestyle in the Town so it leads to settling in the city with family.

    To conclude, for higher education and getting exposure to a job, people are preferring to leave the countryside, even everybody want to make a secure life for the future which they can do in the town.

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