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  • Pranav

    June 2, 2022 at 7:02 PM


    The below map shows transformation of the Ryemounth village from 1995 till date.

    Overall, there have been distinct changes towards Southern and Eastern parts of the village, wherein the forest park is replaced with a tennis court whereas the fishing port no longer exists. The northern and western regions have seen minimal development over the years.

    In the year 1995 people mostly lived in the north and west parts of the village, presently they have built apartments by the sea replacing the fish market. Due to which the shops are replaced with a chain of restaurants opposite to the apartments. The hotel and the cafe still hold the same spot but now the hotel has a dedicated car park right next to it.

    The eastern region had a major transformation, the farmlands is converted to golf course for leisure, on the other hand, some part of forest park is enjoyed by tennis fans. We observe some housing apartments been built towards the west which now have a dedicated access road for them.

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