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  • Kapil

    June 3, 2022 at 10:50 AM

    These days, crime has grown rapidly due to a lack of gaps in the judicial system, so it is argued that violence could be decreased by the capital punishment which is also proven by some countries where they implemented the same, therefore I completely agree with this statement and will discuss furtherly with examples.

    To begin with, nowadays the violation has increased in many nations which should be under control because citizen doesn’t feel secure in this environment which is also impacting on the reputation of the country. For instance, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world where the crime rate is around 5% because they applied capital punishment for criminals, thereby locals live peacefully without any fear, and even ladies feel more secure alone to go outside of the home.

    Besides that, it is necessary to have belief in the judicial system by the population, because nowadays, a plethora of countries could not close the criminal cases in a timely manner, so folks don’t get justice on time, thereby, the government loses the trust of them, on the other hand, it leads to making another misdeed by the crook. i.e., In South Africa, lots of violation cases are in the pipeline to take decisions, so it becomes difficult to stop the illegal activities and it is out of control for two decades.

    To conclude, it is high time to take the necessary action by the authority by applying the strong regulations which help to reduce the crime, so citizens can live at peace in the nation.

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