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  • Thomas

    June 6, 2022 at 6:27 PM

    Yes, Agreed. Due to the development of tourism a big revolution is being happening in each and every segment like language, business, education and so on. As always, people relay on the motion hence might think that English is the only language that is going to exist in this world. If we look at history closely everything works based on need and necessity. The need of English language is created not existed just by showcasing. Eastern countries were the economically grown, they have understood our pulse and slowly created demand, starting like matriculation. Then they have started asking any service in their local language. Reason is we were in the need of jobs and technology and they were the suppliers. This is main reason English dominating. Now look, to get the job in Chinna need to know Chinese, in Russia need to know their language. Now Indian is a growing country we itself creating jobs, growing in technology. This impacts demand and so need of English language is melting. Game might change based on demand and supply.

    Coming to advantage and disadvantages of having one language.


    1. Easy to communicate – no language barrier

    2. Comfortable – Feel like comfortable and no hesitation of speaking


    1. Lose their own identity – Every other language people will lose their identity, when you stop speaking in your local language. You slowly stop reading local history, spiritual and culture. So gradually you lose identity.

    2. Domination – By no big use, accepting other language is almost crazy. How one can decide which language to be spoken out, because most of them speak one language, do you say that language is good language to speak? How to handpick a language, one can’t define which language to choose.

    3. Beauty of the Language – If we follow one language blindly, we lose the other language’s beauty. Meaning, in English we sound same for different words like “to” “two”, not making sense. There are languages use different words for every different action and things. Additionally, few languages are connected with nature so on. So, one language can’t compete the other.

    4. In the name of garden, we will be in the situation to see one unique color flower – Situation become like everyone wear same uniform from top level to bottom level, sounds not good, correct?

    Conclusion – One nation cultivates different kind of grains and food, and have different food habits. Can we advise everyone to cultivate same grains, food and to follow same food habit across the country to ease supply chain?. No correct, this is where the demand and supply are taking part, in turn everyone getting many opportunities, that boost the economy. My opinion is, we can have a second language based on the need but can’t be followed as primary language.

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