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  • Falak

    June 29, 2022 at 12:33 PM

    enviornment (environment) – spelling errors

    Let’s analyse – in formal style of writing, try to follow formal one.

    cooprate (co-operate)

    We (people) should use the amount of energy they use on daily

    Every single (citizen) is responsible

    on one hand(,) on the other hand (,) to sum up(,)- make use of punctuation

    descharging (discharging)

    ilegal (illegal)

    takle (tackle)

    calamites (calamities)

    Feedback : word on spelling errors and sentence structure is very simple and basic , make use of varied range. point of view is also not clear, seems to be contradicting at few places.

    Keep writing!!

    Band: 2.5/6

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