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  • Dhawal

    July 1, 2022 at 10:09 AM

    In this modern era, quality education is vital for everyone. More parents are sending their children to foreign country to learn new culture and improve their world view. Studying abroad gives them prestige in their home land and give pleasure and excitement for the students when they are studying in the new place.However, staying in different culture and nation has its pros and cons

    On the one hand, there are tremendous advantages to studying abroad. One evident strength is that continuing study in a foreign country broadens childrens’ horizons. When parents send their children on trips abroad for educational purposes, it is not only an ideal period to meet people from other backgrounds but also time to immerse in different jobs. In other words, teenagers can learn how to cope with their own troubles themselves by experiencing the school of hard knocks. Furthermore, if students obtain an international degree, their career prospects will be improved. It seems to be obvious that qualifications from a prestigious university hold employers’ attention.

    On the other hand, spending time studying overseas also has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, students almost have to learn everything from scratch. Not to mention the language barrier, they may find it challenging to overcome cultural shocks as well as to adapt with a new environment. A great deal of overseas students have been witnessed to be upset or even depressed after actually knowing that living in a abroad country is not such plain sailing. Besides, parents have to pay a huge amount of money for study fees and the cost of living. Even if their children win a scholarship, the cost is still unaffordable because of the disparity among countries.

    To conclude, the idea of sending children overseas for better education puts them ahead of those studying in the local area; moreover, they can mature by getting far from the care of their guardians. However, the high cost and impact of cultural changes should be prior concerns.

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