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  • kunsoth

    July 28, 2022 at 10:34 PM

    For many lands, Authorities claim that economic progress is the most crucial way for having wealth in countries while some claim that there are various sections that are equally vital. Personally, although they are equally important, a priority investment plan should be considered in different ways following the country’s level of development.

    On the one hand, Economic growth should be prioritized in undeveloped nations before developing in other progress in order to generate a bunch of income, which allow authorities to fulfil the population’s primary needs such as food, security and accommodations. In addition, the government could utilise this money on developing facilities’ life and bring prosperity to their region. For instance, individuals in some poor countries, which firstly improved their economy, gained better welfare compared with somewhere the government invested in other sections.

    On the other hand, Although economic growth is vital, Education’s curriculum and system in both school and university are also important, especially in developed and developing nations since the primary demands are not the most crucial for them anymore. Thus, nations can achieve their purpose easily due to an incline of effectively educated people. For instance, New Zealand, which mostly pays attention to the Education system, has many wise people and incredible innovations.

    In conclusion, I personally believe that undeveloped land should be prioritised on Economic growth instead of second needs in order to improve populations’ welfare and fulfil their primary need while Education system should be mostly improved in developed countries.

    Thank you madam…

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