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  • Terej

    August 4, 2022 at 10:46 PM

    Nowadays the major topic of discussion in many nations is how to become an independent and strong country. many official authorities believe and also constantly aim to develop their country economically but some section of people believe that It is also crucial to focus on improving other sectors. This essay will discuss both views and justify why I think, It is fundamental to target all the sectors equally than shedding the light on one specific segment.

    To start with, There are different reasons for Government officials to trust that improving economically is a priority. Any country which has a good economical foundation could survive in any difficult situation and also can support the public. For example, Russia is a strong and developed country that is fighting against Ukraine without any help from the neighboring countries. In addition to that, when the country is stable economically, It can compete with other nations on the international platform. For example, the UK announced Brexit from the European Union but still operating well in aspects of economics. These are the factors why officials of the country mainly target only an economical upswing.

    On the other hand, a certain part of the demographics advocates that other sector needs equal attention as the field of finance for the country. Firstly, people need to have good health and peace of mind to enjoy the economical prosperity of the country, If a country has poor health sectors and is regularly under the threat of war from another country, It will hinder the country’s economic progress. For instance, many European countries were affected badly during the covid-19 pandemic though they all are developed economically. Secondly, people’s education plays a key role in the administrative field of any government because people without education cannot plan and implement any strategies to take their country to next level financially because without education people cannot produce new ideas for the country’s advancement and exhibit their country image in any division. Therefore, It is more important to be liberal than to be stagnant in the idea of boosting the field of the country’s income.

    To conclude. It is clearly evident from both points of view that a country cannot be led based on its wealth only but also on other elements like education and health aspects that need to be considered for the welfare of people. I think It is really important for country authorities to decide what areas and issues are needed serious attention than being biased.

    Mam, please evaluate my essay.

    thank you!

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