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  • Shubhum

    August 7, 2022 at 1:03 AM

    In this modern world, wasting of money is becoming a major issue for the common people, especially in birthday parties and weddings. It is believed that in these days excessive money were wasted on weddings as well as in birthday parties. This essay will portray about impact of budget by wasting of excessive money in an event or functions.

    to embark upon, wasting excessive money on weddings and birthday parties have become common for several people. They consider this occasion as a chance to show of their luxury lifestyle. however in a reports said that 15-20 percent rich families waste their money like water. In addition, if we think about middle class families they have to carry their budget them. Hence, these days spending on celebration is a current trend.

    To tackle this condition, we have to make a proper budget to deal with our expenses. Although, if we spend our money in necessities in the place of waste material, then we can control our budget as well as it may help on savings for our child. In other words, common people who came froe middle class family they have to spend their money wisely.

    In conclusion, it is clear that several people invest their lot of money on weddings and birthday parties for their child happiness that if in future they should not be regret for nothing should be missing.


    Missing and inappropriately using connectors (however- However,)

    Not given any example throughout the essay.

    Inappropriate and incomplete conclusion.

    Overall band- 5.5

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