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  • Terej

    August 17, 2022 at 1:47 PM

    In the modern world, convalescent homes are becoming more common for many good reasons, these days some elderly people are wishing to move to these homes rather than prefer to live with their extended family. This essay will discuss, why I think, this trend has a positive impact despite of few drawbacks, which can be surpassed by the benefits of elderly people living in those facilities.

    To start with, There are more practical advantages associated with the elderly living in retirement homes. Firstly, It gives them a roof and makes them feel independent, for those who are neglected by their family members or leading a lonely life and have a feeling of dependent on their children for daily activities. For example, many elderly living facilities provide safety and continuous care based on each individual physical status. Secondly, these homes give comfort and increase elderly people’s confidence by allowing them to communicate with the other members in that homes to maintain their social skills. Therefore, elderly people moving to assisted facilities has brought dual benefits for both old age people and their families.

    However, there are minor unavoidable downsides that cannot be ignored, which come along with the advantages of rest homes. many old people might get deprived of their family members’ love and care and living out of their own comfort zone can make them feel lost. furthermore, It might be a challenging task for many of them to adjust to the new environment. In addition to this, this trend can increase the gap between old people and their grandchildren. For instance, elderly people cannot involve in their grandchildren mile stones or their daily activities, which is a great loss for both of them. these pitfalls are unpreventable but can be reduced with the regular visits of their family members to these facilities.

    To conclude, I think, It is clearly evident that retirement homes are crucial and are a boon to elderly further living based on their individual circumstance, although minor disadvantages can be eliminated by pre-planned care and support of their family members and the old age homes management.

    Mam, please evaluvate this essay.

    Thank you!

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