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  • Lakshya

    August 30, 2022 at 5:36 PM

    Online shopping is rapidly increasing these days not only in cities but in villages also.
    It is generally said that online shopping will take place instead of ordinary shops.
    This essay is going to discuss about how online shopping is going to be a large market whereas ordinary shops will keep on existing.

    To begin with, shopping is the need for everyone . It has been observed that people are finding it easy to shop online
    because they feel it is hassle free task. One can return or exchange their products at their home as per their convenience. Now a days
    grocery and vegetables are also being delivered at door to door and it is saving the time of working professionals.

    On the other hands, there are still some people stuck on ordinary shops due to their convenience. Some people found a challenge in choosing,
    exchange and returning the product. For instance, people claimed that their product has not been returned despite multiple followups with E-commerce company.
    It has been also observed that some of them have got wrong and defective products as well.

    To conclude, it is true that online shopping is being essential in terms of discount and availability of wide range of products but it will be hurry to say
    that online shopping will lead to closure of ordinary shops. Personally I think that, people are finding more convenient to shop online rather than going to ordinary shops.

    Coherence and cohesion is missing.

    lacking in ideas.

    Overall- 6.0.

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