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    September 15, 2022 at 7:10 PM

    Achieving a professional stability is a dream of many aspirants. While certain individuals support the basement with education is crucial for this, others profess that people can go on with their job opportunities directly after elementary education. I suppose, the advanced education would help in better career options, and this essay discusses the notion in detail.

    Work perfection can be obtained by experience alone. In other words, non-supporters of higher education explain that when people continue their job at one workplace for a longer period, time will make them professionals, and the enormous academic qualifications would never uplift the career. For example, South Africa, as it is a developing nation, the country struggles for good learning facilities, however, the workers on the country have enough idea to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. The activities like gardening, building construction, and carpenter works could be seen as such kind of jobs with no demand of specialized education.

    Nonetheless, certain occupations welcome only well-educated employees by which complex tasks can be solved. If multinational companies employ all job-seekers without looking the resume, then the reputation of the office will diminish in future. Therefore, company managements had foreseen this issue, and thus segregate the CVs on file under the consideration of academic achievements. If not, the money on amateur employee’s training, their salary as well as the damage they could cause to the office by any kind of mistakes will aftermath the company to suffer financially. Computer-engineering, specialty doctor, and teaching are some of such occupations which demand higher education.

    In conclusion, the aforementioned explanation is enough to pen down that while some jobs require no further education than the elementary one, other sophisticated works indeed need skilled workers with good educational accomplishments.

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