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  • Double Question [Shopping]

     Shahbaz updated 3 days, 8 hours ago 6 Members · 11 Posts
  • Shahbaz

    October 13, 2021 at 7:18 PM
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    Shopping is becoming more and more popular as a leisure activity. However, some people feel that this has both positive and negative effects.

    Why is shopping so popular?

    What effects does its increase in popularity have on individuals and on society?

  • Yanshi

    October 13, 2021 at 9:36 PM
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    These days, it has become increasingly popular to go for shopping in one’s spare time. This phenomenon brings with itself, a set of benefits and drawbacks, as argued by some people. Shopping has become profoundly popular among the young generation. This essay will look at some of the possible causes and it’s impact on individuals and society.

    Shopping, which was seen as a laborious activity specifically done when required, has now become a recreational activity. A considerable amount of people look at shopping as some sort of stress reliever, leisure activity instead of a necessity. In fact, a study shows that shopping leads to release of certain chemicals in your brain that significantly boosts your mood, thus getting more inclined towards shopping. Shopping has become prevalently popular with the commencement of several schemes and campaigns, launched by several online shopping platforms, in order to attract costumers. Costumers can take benefits of these schemes at the comfort of their homes, allowing them to purchase their preferable products at reasonable prices with maximum profits to both the company and costumers.

    While shopping can be used as a reliable source of stress reliever if done within limits, it surely has downsides if done beyond the limit.

    Comfort and convenience of online shopping platforms has resulted in much more inclination towards unnecessary shopping, where people often get tempted to purchase products they don’t need, resulting in unnecessary expenses. In the long run, this is an undesirable situation where one spends much more they can afford to. On the contrary, increasing popularity of shopping is extremely beneficial for the shopping stores and online shopping platforms, who are profited by increase in sales. Purchasing products is also beneficial for the country’s economy as it keeps the money flowing, which increases the overall GDP of a nation. The more the demand for products, the more will be the generation of products. And the more the generation of services and products, the more will be the GDP of the nation, thus resulting in greater economy.

    In conclusion, shopping can certainly be seen as a fruitful activity for everyone, if one beings mindful of their spending. A good market keeps the money flowing and boosts the economy of the country.

    • Shahbaz

      October 16, 2021 at 11:59 AM
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      *”and it’s (its) impact on individuals and society.”

      * Some adjectives and adverbs sound a bit unusual with the nouns that they accompany e.g. “prevalently popular”.

      *”thus getting more inclined towards shopping

      * I assume that the sentence starting with “While shopping can be used as” was meant to be a part of the second body paragraph and not a separate paragraph.

      *”If one beings mindful of their spending” (the ‘beings’ in this sentence does not seem correct. Perhaps you meant ‘If one is mindful…”


  • Mohit Arora

    October 14, 2021 at 1:01 PM
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    • Shahbaz

      October 18, 2021 at 12:47 PM
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      * “positives and negative effects on lives of ” (positive and negative effects on the lives of…)

      * “this might result to have detremental ..” (this might result in detrimental impact…)

      * “can lead to wither away more hobbies” (can lead to the withering away of…. [‘wither away’ might not be apt in this context)

      * Some problems with the use of articles.

      * Word choice and sentence structure, although free from serious errors, can still be improved.


  • Mamta

    October 14, 2021 at 4:16 PM
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    Shopping is very popular in these days among the youth. Buying something is becoming popular day by day as a free time activity. it is believed by some that it has its own benefits and drawbacks as well. This essay will discuss the reasons of its popularity and effects of those on individuals and society.

    In past, people generally used to go for shopping when required, but now it has become a spare time and a stress relief activity as well. Due to the trend of online shopping , it becomes even more famous. Some online websites provide a good amount of discounts on products ,that lead to enhance the sell of the products. Social media plays a major role to the popularity of shopping because mostly youngsters influenced by the actors/actresses and try to copy their outfits.

    As we know everything has its own benefits and drawbacks, same case with the shopping. Buying something good for yourself as a gift, after achieving any task gives you a self satisfaction. After a busy weekdays, Shopping on weekends not only refreshes your mood but also provides you opportunity to meet up with friends. When you have something nice to wear or some good products at home to use, you automatically feel fresh and energetic that enhance your work progress. On the other side, excessive of anything is not good. Due to the increasing use of online shopping, people tend to spend their hard earned money on unnecessary things. People fall into the trap of discounts and buy products that are not required at all.

    To conclude, shopping can be considered an enjoyable activity for free time because it provides happiness. However, people must make a balance between buying new things and their salary. Increasing popularity of shopping is beneficial for online as well as offline stores and companies. Money circulate in the market and boost the economy that generates a number of employment.

    • Shahbaz

      October 16, 2021 at 12:23 PM
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      * “in these days” (the ‘in’ is not needed here. “Shopping is popular these days” would be sufficient)

      *”the reasons of its popularity” (‘the reasons for its popularity’ would be better)

      * “Due to the trend of online shopping , it becomes even more famous” (‘It has become even more popular’ is what I would use)

      *”Some online websites provide a good amount of discounts on products ,that lead to enhance the sell of the products.” ( ‘good amount of discounts’ does not collocate well. I would use ‘attractive discounts’. “enhance the sell of the products” does not sound right. You probably meant ‘sales’ in the place of ‘sell”)

      *”mostly youngsters influenced by” (youngsters are influenced by)

      *”a busy weekdays” (‘a (adjective) weekdays’ would not work. ‘a busy week’ would work)

      *”weekdays, Shopping” ( ‘shopping’ should not have been capitalized after a comma)

      *”On the other side, excessive of anything is not good” (since ‘excessive’ is an adjective, this sentence would be incorrect. You could say ‘an excess of …” )

      * However, people must make a balance between ” (‘find a balance’ is better than ‘make a balance’)


  • Sheeba

    October 14, 2021 at 5:47 PM
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    Shopping is more popular as a leisure activity. Some people feel that it has advantages and disadvantages. In this essay let us see both sides.

    To begin with, shopping has become popular nowadays. People are more obsessed to groom themselves. Grooming reflects the financial status of the person. They wear footwear which matches their dress. People are not interested to repeat their dress frequently. So many online shopping had a great boom. For every celebration, people decorate their home in the theme related to the festival with decor things. So many businesses has been developing and attained a huge profit. Irrespective of the size of the shops people purchase things if the quality is good. On line shopping made people to buy from their home.

    In addition to that, people spend more money in vain. Even though there is no need to buy things, online shopping induces people’s interest to purchase. It affects people’s saving. Some people are shopaholic and they are purchasing without purpose. Shopping has a more popularity because people started to share their life in social media. In order to avoid recursive dress in the photos they share, they are forced to buy new dresses. This leads people to get loans and youngsters destroy their life by using credit cards and having debts at their young age.

    In conclusion, buying products for need is acceptable. In recent days, people prefer shopping to show case their status. If there was no social media, then shopping would not get this much hype.

    • Shahbaz

      October 16, 2021 at 12:54 PM
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      * Make sure you use ‘more’ only when there is an obvious or implied comparison. “She is more intelligent than him”. Using it in a sentence where the comparison is not obvious can cause confusion like “People are more obsessed to groom themselves.” Perhaps, in these sentences you should be using intensifiers like ‘really’ .

      * The verb ‘obsess’ is usually used with ‘with’ e.g. “He is obsessed with ….”

      * Please look up ‘dress’ vs ‘clothes’ , in the third sentence of the first body paragraph, ‘clothes’ or ‘attire’ would have been more apt than ‘dress’.

      * ‘On line’ — ‘online’

      *”So many businesses has been” (have been)

      *If ‘showcase’ is used as a verb, it’s written without any space in between.


  • Swati14

    October 14, 2021 at 8:39 PM
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    In the present time, shopping is becoming more famous as a free time activity. Although, some people believe that this includes both pros and cons effects. This essay will discuss the reason for the popularity of shopping and examine its effects on individuals and society.

    Nowadays, shopping has become more popular amongst people because of the development of technology. These days, people enable to do shopping at their own pace and they do not need to go out shopping. People can compare as many products and services through various e-commerce platforms, and order online the desired ones. For instance, most people use the Amazon website for their daily needs or luxury items.

    However, it is noticed that there are some negative effects of excess shopping on individuals and society. Sometimes, online marketing influence individual to purchase unnecessary stuff which cause them to spend more, and which affect their savings and future investment plans. More shopping impacts society adversely because of the peers’ pressure over society. It is illustrated further that, if a person is purchased luxury items then it creates psychological pressure on society to do the same, and those people have to purchase that stuff unwillingly.

    To conclude, these days, shopping is quite famous because most people can do shopping by using online platforms. This trend impacts negatively on individuals and society because people, who do not want to buy useless things, have to purchase because of psychological pressure from peers and society.

    • Shahbaz

      October 16, 2021 at 1:04 PM
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      * “pros and cons effects” does not collocate well.
      * The use of ‘enable’ in the second sentence of the first body paragraph is incorrect. Perhaps, you meant to say ‘people are able to’.

      *”online marketing influence individual” (online marketing influences individuals… )

      *”if a person is purchased luxury items” (if a person purchases…)

      *”people, who do not want to buy useless things, have” – The commas here were not necessary at all. Look up ‘relative clause when to use commas)


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