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PT Room 20
PT Room 20
June 27, 2022

Thank you for maintaining decorum

We welcome you to National Institute of Language for your language training. We strive to serve the student community to the best of our abilities and with the highest standards. To make the process transparent for both you and NIL we need to set up some ground rules in order to keep your training systematic and productive. There are certain rules set up by the management to keep everything as smooth as possible, which are as follows:

1. If you have taken admission in Personal Training (one on one sessions), the number of sessions (depending upon the package you have taken: 22 in 1 month and 66 in 3 months) need to be completed in the stipulated time frame (in 30 days/90 days).

2. No casual leaves are allowed and TWO medical leaves are granted in a month only in case of medical emergencies. If you take any leaves without informing your counsellor/Trainer/other authorities, NIL WILL NOT be liable to compensate the class.

3. No more than two medical leaves are granted in a month and any leaves in excess of two will not be compensated.

4. Compensation of the classes will only be done on Saturdays, and you are required to attend the session otherwise your leave will be considered compensated.

5. In case you wish to change the trainer for any reason (Quality of training, change of timing etc.), it will take 72 hours to make arrangements and your classes will be put on hold for this time period. However these three days will not be counted as leaves.

6. You need to attend your class at the stipulated time, maximum 10 minutes of buffer is allowed after that the trainer will leave the session and your class will be counted, as the trainer responsible for other students as well and it will disturb the whole schedule of the trainer.

You’ve made it.

You have reached the best place for your IELTS and English preparation. Please tell us what you’re looking for so that we can help you better.