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Certified Trainers:
ESL course completion certificate from NIL and British Council

Discover the premier online English Speaking Course in India at the National Institute of Language, featuring integrated Personality Development Modules. Benefit from expert training by Cambridge and British Council Certified Trainers.

  • Advanced Grammar
  • Thematic Vocabulary
  • Conversation Practice
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Interview Preparation
Best Online English Speaking Course in India Best online Spoke English Course in India

Get an ESL certificate after course

Elevate your CV/resume with ESL certification from the National Institute of Language or the British Council, validating your English proficiency.

India's First Institute that provides British Council certification

British Council offers certificate for English language proficiency through online course which is based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

Online English Course with Certified Faculty

NIL's trainers hold certifications from both the British Council and Cambridge, ensuring top-notch expertise. Enroll now for live Online Spoken English classes with NIL.

Global student and teacher base

National Institute of Language serves with certified English trainers from across the world. Students from all around the world enrol in the best online English speaking course in India.

Live online lectures and vebinars

Engage in live classes on our specialized education portal featuring the world's most advanced system for delivering lessons.

Flexible class timings and personal trainings

National Institute of Language offers online Spoken English courses with round the clock classes as well as personal training for deep learning.

We provide the best Online English Training in India

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English is a language which needs a lot of practice and constant supervision from an expert to rectify your errors and to guide you through complex concepts of grammar.

National Institute of language is a premier online Institute which provides Best Online Spoken English Course in India and excels in training people on their English language skills as well as their Online IELTS preparation.

Online Spoken English Classes In India by NIL

English is an important language to learn for anyone who wants to succeed in education or profession. There is an increasing demand of fluent English speakers in India in industries like BPO and hospitality.

IT and other sectors where the companies are constantly dealing with foreign clients also need fluent English speakers to make negotiations and crack deals.

After the time of pandemic the students are searching for best online spoken English course in India and they get barrage of websites and applications claiming to teach English.

How does it work?

Live interactive classes with expert certified English language teacher with face-to-face interaction. Online English classes but the feel of physical classroom.

NIL online Spoken English classes in India provides intensive conversation practice with group discussions, presentations, role-plays, debates etc.

Popular Online English Courses

National Institute of Language offer many different options for Online English Speaking courses in India and abroad. Student can join different courses for different time durations according to their own specific requirements for language proficiency.


English Crash course-online

22 lectures (44 hours)

₹1,990 or $27

Full length English course-online

66 lectures ( 132 Hours)

₹4,990 or $66

One on One Sessions-Personalised

Dedicated trainer

₹13,990 or $181

Best Online English Speaking Course in India
Unlimited access to educational materials for subscribers

Online Spoken English Course - National Institute of Language

Join India’s best online English speaking course by NIL. The course consists of grammar, vocabulary, voice and accent, personality development modules, group discussions, debates, presentations, conversation practice, role-plays etc. After the completion of the course you will be a certified ESL student.

New batches every week.

152,628 already registered

more than 99% of students rate this course content and results as Super
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Skills you will get

NIL provides the best online English speaking course in India with certified trainers that imparts most desired skills in Spoken English students. We focus on all-round development rather than specific skill set.

Sentence Construction

Sentence framing

Correct sentence framing is essential to develop good communication skills in English language

Advance Grammar

Be English language pro

Simple things can be done by anyone, you need to have deep understanding of English grammar to sound proficient

Sentence Manipulation

Make it impressive

Sentence manipulation is a technique of taking simple sentences and turning them into a piece of art

Interpersonal skills

Personality development

India's best online English speaking course comes with personality development modules for overall development

Listening Skills

Global English

There are so many accents across the globe and we need to understand them properly in order to reply appropriately

Extensive Vocabulary

Learn new words

Make your language more impressive with new words taught every day in the classes

Writing Skills

English Writing Skills

English is the global language and you need to learn how to write impressive content with proper protocols

Public speaking

Improve confidence with public speaking

You will be given chance to speak on a global platform of students to build your confidence

Course Program:

All course – 3 Units

National Institute of language provides comprehensive online English speaking course in India with all the aspects of language and communication combined. The course curriculum covers all topics of English grammar spanning from basic sentence framing to advance complicated sentence construction. Vocabulary building with thematic learning approach develops consistent and long-lasting ability to learn and retain new words. Personality development modules Kawal every aspect of interpersonal skills from basic postures to advance psychological tricks. Join Best Online English Speaking Course in India today.


Getting started with English grammar


  • Word: The Definition & Criteria


  • Sentence: Definition & Types
  • Simple sentence
  • Compound sentence
  • Complex sentence, and 
  • Compound-complex sentence.

Parts of speech

  • Parts of speech


  • Noun
  • Types of Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Concrete Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Non-countable Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Compound Noun


  • Pronoun: Definition & Types
  • Subject Pronouns
  • Object Pronouns
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Reflexive Pronouns
  • Intensive Pronouns
  • Relative Pronouns
  • Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Interrogative Pronouns


  • Adjective: Definition & Types
  • Descriptive Adjectives
  • Quantitative Adjectives
  • Proper Adjectives
  • Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Interrogative Adjectives
  • Indefinite Adjectives
  • Articles
  • Compound Adjectives
  • Degree of Adjectives


  • Verb: Definition & Types
  • Finite Verbs
  • Non-finite Verbs
  • Action Verbs
  • Linking Verb
  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • Modal Verbs
  • Past Participle
  • Present Participle


  • Adverb: Definition & Types
  • Conjunctive Adverbs
  • Sentence Adverbs
  • Adverbs of Time/Frequency (When?)
  • Adverbs of Place/Direction (Where?)
  • Adverbs of Degree (How Much?)
  • Adverbs of Degree (How Much?)


  • Preposition: Definition & Types
  • Prepositions of Time
  • Prepositions of Place and Direction
  • Prepositions of Agents or Things
  • Phrasal Prepositions

Use of Prepositions

Prepositions are the most perplexing and difficult portion of grammar to understand because practically every definition of a preposition contains exceptions and varied interpretations, making it tough to understand. There is no better strategy for grasping the right usage of prepositions other than practising to visualise how each preposition functions in different circumstances as you go through your sentences. There are some frequent uses and expressions of distinct prepositions that can be found in everyday speech.

  • Prepositions of Time Usage
  • Prepositions of Places & Direction Usage
  • Use of Prepositions : Of, About, For, With, By


  • Conjunction: Definition & Types
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Correlative Conjunctions
  • Subordinating Conjunctions


  • Interjection: Definition & Types


  • Article: Definition & Types
  • Rules of Using Articles with Examples
  • Use of Indefinite Article
  • Use of Definite Article


  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense

Present Tense

  • Present Indefinite Tense
  • Present Progressive (Continuous) Tense
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Present Perfect Progressive (Continuous)

Past Tense

  • Past Indefinite Tense
  • Past Progressive (Continuous) Tense
  • Past Perfect Tense
  • Past Perfect Progressive Tense

Future Tense

  • Simple Future (Future Indefinite) Tense
  • Future Continuous Tense
  • Future Perfect Tense
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense


  • Phrase: Definition, Types & Examples
  • Noun Phrase
  • Adjective Phrase
  • Adverbial Phrase
  • Prepositional Phrase


  • Nubmer: Rules, Types & Examples
  • Singular Number
  • Plural Number


  • Clauses: Definition, Types & Examples
  • Types of Clause
  • Independent Clause
  • Dependent Clause


  • Conditionals: Definition, Structure & Examples
  • Types of Conditionals
  • The Real Conditionals
  • The Unreal Conditionals

Modal Auxiliaries

  • Modal Auxiliaries


  • Mood: Definition, Types & Examples
  • Indicative Mood
  • Imperative Mood
  • Subjunctive Mood

Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Subject-Verb Agreement: Rules & Examples

Right Forms of Verbs

  • Right Forms of Verbs: Rules with Examples


  • Case: Definition, Types & Examples
  • Subjective Case
  • Objective Case
  • Possessive Case

Transformation of Sentences

  • Transformation of sentences


  • Modifiers: Definition, Types & Examples
  • Pre-modifiers
  • Post-modifiers


  • Narration: Reported to Reporting Speech

Determiners & Quantifiers

  • Determiners
  • Quantifiers


  • Prefixes: Definition with Examples


  • Suffixes: Definition with Examples


  • Punctuation: Definition, Types & Usage Rules

Do-insertion / Do-support

  • Do-insertion or Do-support


  • Negation: Definition, Rules & Examples


  • Inversion: Definition with Examples

Other Topics

  • Comparatives
  • Subjunctive: Structures, Usage
  • Perfectives: Structures & Usage
  • Parallel Structure
  • Embedded Questions
  • Dangling Modifiers
  • Pronouns before the Gerunds & Infinitives
  • Antecedents of Pronoun
  • Adjective followed by the Infinitives
  • Causative Verbs
  • Verbs followed by Gerunds
  • Verbs followed by Infinitives
  • Uses of Direct & Indirect Object
  • Correct Use of “Sequence of Tense” in Writing
  • Affirmative and Negative Agreement
  • Avoid Redundancy to Improve Your Writing
  • Singular They – Wrong or Right?
  • One VS You
Live Classes, 6 Training Methodic, 12 Tasks
Skills You Get: Advance English Grammar Proficiency


Basic to advance vocabulary building

There are three levels of vocabulary.

The following three levels of vocabulary are used to describe it:

1. Fundamental Vocabulary

The fundamental words constitute the initial tier of vocabulary. These terms often have a single meaning and do not necessitate the use of further explanations. At this level, early reading words, sight words, adjectives, verbs, nouns, and other vocabulary items are displayed. This layer contains 8000 word families in the English language.

2. Frequent usage vocabulary

This tier, also known as the multiple meaning vocabulary tier, contains terms that are utilised in a range of disciplines, such as adult conversation, literature, and so on. It has an impact on both reading and speaking. This tier consists of 7000 global families from all over the world. The following are the properties of words in the second tier:

  • It has a variety of connotations.
  • It is necessary for reading comprehension.
  • Language used by adults is typical.
  • Vocabulary that is descriptive
  • These words are used in a diverse environment.
  • It is employed for direct instruction.

3. Low usage/frequency vocabulary

There is low-frequency vocabulary, which consists of terms that are only used when especially required or in a specific domain such as the weather or technology or a specific geographical region or career or hobbies or school, among other things. This tier contains the four lakh words in English that are related to vocabulary.

Different Types of Vocabulary

The different sorts of vocabulary can be divided into two categories: spoken vocabulary and written vocabulary. Even before they begin writing and reading, children begin to increase their vocabulary by listening and speaking. Every form of vocabulary has a distinct function and has a distinct goal. The development of one form of language, on the other hand, fosters the development of another.

The different sorts of vocabulary are briefly explained here.

1. Vocabulary for Listening
Listening vocabulary is a collection of words that we understand because we hear them. While still in the womb, a foetus may begin to recognise some words. Learning new words is a constant process, and by the time you reach adulthood, you will have learned and recognised about fifty thousand new words. Visual hearing vocabulary can be introduced to deaf persons in order to aid in their learning.

2. Speaking vocabulary is comprised of terms that we really use in our daily conversations. It has a word count range of approximately 5000 to 10000 words. These are employed for the purpose of imparting instructions and having dialogues. The number of words in this category is significantly lower than the amount of terms in the listening vocabulary.

3. Vocabulary for Reading
Reading is a critical component of developing one’s vocabularies. Reading helps you to expand and strengthen your vocabulary. Reading vocabulary is a term used to describe the terms we learn while reading a piece of writing. It is possible that we comprehend words through reading vocabulary even when we do not utilise that terminology in our speaking vocabulary.

4. Vocabulary in the Writing Process
Writing vocabulary is a term used to describe the words we use to express ourselves when we write a letter. Writing vocabulary is typically influenced by our ability to spell the words we use in our writing. We find it easy to express ourselves verbally, whether by facial expression or tone, but our ability to write with a wide range of words is dependent on our knowledge of the language.

5. Vocabulary for the Ending
Richard Rorty is credited with coining the term “Final Vocabulary.” The term refers to a group of words or a collection of words that each individual uses to justify their acts, beliefs, and lives. The final vocabulary consists of the words that a person uses to convey admiration, hatred, deep feelings, hopes, and doubts, among other things.

Live + Video/Theory Classes, 20 Tasks
Skills You Get: Extensive English Vocabulary

Personality development

Conversation practice and interpersonal skills

This unit covers all aspects of personality development models from dining etiquette to interview skills and from creative writing to public speaking.

He will also be participating in every day activities related to English fluency development such as:

  • 1-1 conversation
  • Group discussion
  • Formal debates
  • Form
  • Role-plays
  • Mock interviews
  • Dialogues
  • Article writing
  • News anchoring
  • Presentation and speech
  • Report writing
  • Letter/application writing
  • Much more…
Live classes, 12 modules, practice exercises, tests
Skills You Get: Personal improvement and English fluency

You'll get:

After the final task and according to the results

Once you are through with the course you will be getting certified from National Institute of Language or if you prefer you can also get certification from British Council. NIL certification is valid across India and British Council certificate is valid across the world. (*additional fee may apply for British Council certification). Of course, there are perks you get when you join Best Online English Speaking Course in India.

What early learners say about this course

Some of our course teachers

C (3)
Nimilika Wal

English specialist TESOL certified

C (4)
Savidha Sharma

British Council Certified

Best online English speaking course in India Best online spoken English course in India online English speaking course Best online Ielts classes best online English classes
Ratna Rani

British Council Certified

Best online English speaking course in India Best online spoken English course in India online English speaking course Best online Ielts classes best online English classes
Isha Singha

English and IELTS specialist


You can quickly register for the online Spoken English course for the next batch. You can set up a demo class below with a specialist trainer to guide you through the course and to do the initial assessment

Free demo class: course starts at 1699 INR

Benefits of Joining Best Online English Speaking Course in India by National Institute of Language

1 Month English Speaking Course

Those who are good at “Grammar” and want to improve their communication skills can benefit from a Crash Course, which can be finished in one month. The Full Course, on the other hand, lasts for three months and covers all of the topics in Grammar Multiple times, as well as vocabulary, activities on a daily basis, and group discussions, followed by twelve modules of personality development.

Group classes for confidence in public speaking, personal training sessions for deep learning

Personalized emphasis is placed on each of our pupils, with the goal of maximising their learning potential. Group Classes are an option if you are comfortable participating in online classroom sessions where a limited number of students are present (2-4 Hours Everyday). Personal Trainer, in which the class teacher provides one-on-one attention to each student for 40 min to 2 hours every day. Our expert English teachers will work with you to customise your courses and provide you with ideas and tactics that are unique to you.

Quality material for Online Spoken English Classes

For us, it took years of preparation to put together the best study material possible. We keep note of any changes that take place in the course and pattern of the Language and report them to the designated person. We supply all of our learners with well-researched and effective study materials that will help them improve their communication skills.

The material is not only available through live online classes but also in customised lesson plans delivered through learning management system. This enables us to provide you English speaking classes with much more ease and effectiveness.

Need a C1 Certificate in English?

India’s best online Spoken English Institute -NIL, prepares you for cracking Cambridge C1 level tests to get an International Certificate. We will also help you to get a British Council Certification if you need it. National Institute of Language provides best online spoken English course in India and has been trusted by thousands of students.

Unique Methodology

NIL's Online Spoken English Course covers all aspects of Grammar in a very unique and simplistic way.

Device Compatibility

The Portal we use works well on all types of devices with proper functionality. It gives you a sense of physical classroom in a virtual environemnt.

Personal Training

Our Online Spoken English Course offers personal training as well where you can learn one on one with a specialist trainer

Learn with Fun

The methods we use to train people in our Online Spoken English Course are immensely entertaining which not only makes it fun but also helps you learn faster.

Best Online English Speaking Course in India by National Institute of Language

Best online English speaking course in India best online spoken English course

Learn With Best English Community

Learn with British Council and Cambridge Certified Experts. National Institute of Language has been rated the best Online Spoken English Course in India as well as Asia. We train students from across the world and offer them a better life afterwards.

We have introduced a community based learning system, which helps the students to connect with each other and share their thoughts and opinions. This in turn develops an environment of English around the students, which is very important in order to become confident. This is one of the many reasons why this is the best online English Speaking Course in India. 

India's Best Online Spoken English Classes at National Institute of Language

The classes are run on a specialized online learning platform which provides the best earning experience and one to one interaction with all the trainers and students. This make the Online Spoken English Course work Like an Offline class where you can enjoy Group Discussions, debates, Presentations and many more activities.

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International Test Preparation

Crack IELTS with 8+ Bands

Prepare for your IELTS Test with NIL Online IELTS Test Preparation Course

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Best Online English Course In India Best Online Spoken English classes

What constitutes a good online English speaking course?

There are so many things that can contribute to learning a language properly, such as proper explanation of grammatical concepts, building an impressive vocabulary with the help of different exercises and activities, a lot of speaking practice to build and maintain fluency in English language, appropriate assessment and guidance, proper follow-ups and constant support from your trainers. Best Online English Speaking Course helps you achieve these goals.

Misconceptions about learning English online.

Most online spoken English courses provide students with recorded video lectures on grammar and vocabulary; however, these courses are often not a very good quality as well as they do not provide a human interaction which is essential for language learning. English has been taught in the schools as a subject, which focuses primarily on solving test papers and getting good grades in exams. There is no focus on building language skills and fluency. This is where National Institute of language comes in, to facilitate a better understanding of English-language while providing you with enough opportunities with enough opportunity to practice with other people so that you not only learn grammar but also practice speaking English to build fluency. This is one of the best online English speaking courses in India and Asia, where you will learn and practice English with British Council and Cambridge certified trainers in live classes every day.

What do you need to look for in an online English course?


it is the foundation for any language, which must be developed in order to become proficient in the language. Studying grammar in an online English spoken course can be a bit tricky if the course only includes recorded video lessons, because there is no two-way interaction to solve your doubts and get answers to your questions. You will just rely on the content which is being provided in the recorded lessons and you can expect little to non-existent support from the trainer. At National Institute of language, you will be getting live classes with expert trainers on a regular basis so that not only you will have an interaction with the trainer but also it will open doors for a better understanding of English language, which ultimately results in better outcomes.


If I take an analogy of a building, grammar works like cement to join everything together, in the same manner vocabulary works like brickwork. These words are the building blocks for any language. In search for the best online spoken English course people stumble upon different videos or courses which provide a lot of words with very little explanation and practice. Keep in mind one important thing, it is not about writing new words and a notebook and then forgetting about them, it is about utilizing every new word that you learn in your daily conversation. It is important to have good exercises to perform and participating in activities to learn these vocabulary words. We, at National Institute of language work and vocabulary in thematic way, so that they’re easier for students to understand and memorize and also the trainers focus on different kinds of activities related to vocabulary, such as word games and story writing to keep it fun and entertaining.

Speaking practice:

An essential part of learning English:

As I mentioned above, learning grammar and vocabulary through video lessons is not enough and we need a lot of speaking practice in order to build fluency and confidence. The essential ingredient of any online English speaking course is conducting conversation activities to give enough time to the students to enhance their English speaking skills. There are so many at the is conducted in the classes regularly where students can converse with the trainer as well as other fellow students in group discussions, presentations, role-play activities, free speech, debates and dialogues. The trainers keep on guiding you through out these activities and monitor your errors and areas of improvement to make changes in your study plan.

Best online IELTS Coaching Best Online IELTS Course Best Online Spoken English Classes Best Online English Classes

Online English Course with Online IELTS Course

National Institute not only provides best online Spoken English Classes but also is a renowned name in Online IELTS Clsses.

Know more

Only English is not enough, personality takes the lead.

The only reason you are learning English is that you want to become successful in life. English certainly plays a part, however developing a good personality is also important in order to communicate with people effectively.  in National Institute of language’s online spoken English course we include personality development modules to cover each aspect of developing a good personality. We include essential skills like body language and public speaking techniques as well as some specialized skills such as professional presentations, developing a thought process, social interactions, business skills and many more. These modules have been designed in accordance with Cambridge guidelines to prepare you for international exposure.

At National Institute of Language the online spoken English course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the language as well as to prepare you for all the future endeavors. The course includes:

The First Step : Building a Foundation

Start Your Journey With Spoken English And Personality Improvement Basics

  • Sentence Construction
  • Active and Passives
  • Modal Verbs
  • Correct Usage of Articles
  • Active Listening
  • Vowel and Consonant Sounds
  • Rate of Speech Correction
  • Hand Gestures and Postures
  • Attire and Physical Appearance
  • Facial Expressions
  • Stage Possession
  • Reinforcement
  • Professional Interaction
  • Creativity and Imagination

Taking The Lead: Learning New Things

The next step is to take things even further in your Spoken English Learning by getting to know new stuff.

  • Conditional Sentences
  • Direct Indirect Speech
  • Use of Let/Get/Make/Have
  • Miscellaneous Grammar
  • Voice Modulation
  • Intonation and Articulation
  • Syllable Stress and Emphasis
  • Mirroring
  • Gaining Public Attention
  • Social Engagement
  • Dining Manners
  • Art of asking questions
  • Professional Presentation
  • Business Negotiation

A New You: Finishing the Job

This is the final step to improve your Spoken English Skills with NIL’s Online Spoken English Course.

  • Making Complex Sentences
  • Handling Errors
  • Analytical Writing
  • Avoiding Indianisms
  • British vs American English
  • E-Mail Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Interviews and Assessments
  • Picture Description
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Addressing Large Group of People
  • Collaboration Exercises

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IELTS Academic Study at a university or college at undergraduate or postgraduate level. IELTS Academic is for people planning to study in higher education. Or, for example, if you seek professional registration. This test assesses if you’re ready to begin studying or training where English is the language used.
IELTS General IELTS General Training measures English language proficiency in a practical, everyday context. The tasks and tests reflect both workplace and social situations.
Spoken English
3 Services
Spoken English Group Classes Learn spoken English in group classes with expert trainers certified by British Council and Cambridge. Join the course to remove your hesitation of public speaking
Spoken English Personal Training If you want more personalised classes to improve your communication skills in English you can join National Institute of Language’s spoken English personal training sessions.
Business English-Advanced If you are looking to improve your communication skills for Business Communication this is the best course for you.
Kids Classes
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Spoken English Classes If you want to give your child experience of communicating with a group of people while participating in learning activities, this is the best platform to do that.
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French Classes French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents. French is also one of six official languages used in the United Nations.
German Classes German is one of the major languages of the world. It is the most spoken native language within the European Union.
Spanish Classes As a Romance language, Spanish is a descendant of Latin and has one of the smaller degrees of difference from it

We above-mentioned curriculum is completed in three months for the help of British Council and Cambridge certified trainers. National Institute of language’s online spoken English course is based upon CEFR which stands for common European framework for languages. This framework divides English users in six categories of proficiency namely A1 and A2, B1 and B2 and lastly C1 and C2. The people who fall into A1 and A2 category of basic users of the language to understand very basic sentences and speak with limited ability. These people might not be able to handle the full conversation in English and they commit a lot of grammatical errors while speaking. People falling in B1 and B2 category are intermediate users of the language, they commit relatively less number of grammatical errors and are able to develop proper conversation in English with limited vocabulary. People who have reached C1 and C2 level in English are highly proficient in English and can develop extensive conversation even with the native speakers without committing almost no grammatical errors while speaking. They can understand extensive range of subjects and write efficiently with proper usage of vocabulary and syntax. In our online spoken English course, first of all we assess the level of student according to CEFR and then we suggest them which course would be beneficial for them to achieve a level of at least B2.

Join the Best Online English Speaking course in India

At the end I would like to encourage you all not to wait to improve your spoken English skills as it is the most important skill that you can develop to go ahead in your life and career. National state of language online spoken English course will help you to achieve your dreams. National Institute of language is the only institute in India which provides Dual certified trainers from Cambridge as well as British Council. There are multiple choices available for every student depending upon the requirements. I would encourage you to book a demo session and see for yourself.

Have fun learning English!

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