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CEFR Standard

Based on the language proficiency standard provided by Common European Framework for Reference languages (CEFR), 6 levels in German language have been established. The exam to gain proficiency in German language is called “Goethe-Zertifikat”. These exams have results that do not expire and are valid throughout.

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Whatever goals you may have for the future, being fluent in German will broaden your range of possibilities. When you study German, you gain a variety of abilities that can be applied to both your professional and personal lives.

Study or Work In Germany

Scholarships and other financial aid are available to students who want to study or work in Germany. Young immigrants from a variety of countries can apply for working holiday visas, while qualified workers and professionals can apply for special visas.

Global Career Opportunities

The more German you know, the more work prospects you’ll have with German and international companies both at home and abroad. When working for a company with international ties, being fluent in German is an asset.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourists from German-speaking countries travel far and wide, spending huge amounts of money while they are away. They enjoy having German-speaking employees and tour guides to assist them during their stay.

Online German program from National Institute of Language

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Learn with certified trainers

NIL online German classes provide certified and experience trainers to make learning more interactive and easy for every student. We have the best trainers from the world to teach you the German language in live online classes.

International standard

We work on international standard of CEFR to deliver quality training which is helpful in getting certification from international authorities, which in turn enhances your resume with official certification from Goethe.

Custom developed learning portal

We do not conduct classes on zoom or Google meet. We have our own custom develop learning platform which is tailored to suit the needs of students and trainers in order to deliver excellent online classes for German language.

Study abroad programs

German language is also supportive in getting admission in the top universities and colleges across Germany which excellence in engineering and technology specially the automotive industry. NIL provides complete end to end solution for studies in Germany.

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