• 1-6 month programs. (3 months recommended) 
  • Recommended for those who want to have a collaborative learning environment.
  • Target of at least 90% improvement in 3 months.

₹1990 – ₹9540

(USD $24.99 – $117.99) 

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4-12 Weeks

10-12 hours per week

Upto 66 Live Sessions

Upto 132 hours lectures+ 66 hours assignments

Sunday Webinars

Access to Community

About The Course

English is a language which needs a lot of practice and constant supervision from an expert to rectify your errors and to guide you through complex concepts of grammar.

National Institute of language is a premier online Institute which provides Best Online Spoken English Course in India and excels in training people on their English language skills

National Institute of language provides comprehensive online English speaking course in India with all the aspects of language and communication combined. The course curriculum covers all topics of English grammar spanning from basic sentence framing to advance complicated sentence construction. Vocabulary building with thematic learning approach develops consistent and long-lasting ability to learn and retain new words. Personality development modules Kawal every aspect of interpersonal skills from basic postures to advance psychological tricks. Join Best Online English Speaking Course in India today.

Course Particulars

  • 90Day/12 Weeks Course 
  • 66+ Hours of Live Classes
  • Upto 12 Personality Development Modules
  • Assessments and Tests
  • Access To Forums and Discussions
  • Free Weekly Webinar Access.

In addition:

  • Study Material
  • NIL Certificate (free)
  • British Council Certificate (fee apply)


  • If you are an average English user, we recommend joining 3 month English Classes for optimal coverage and practice.
  • If you are a weak English user, we recommend joining 6 month duration for your classes or you can take personal training sessions also.
  • If you are a good speaker and want to brush up your English skills, you can join 1 month course.
  • If you want more personalised attention and a customised curriculum/ advanced english, we recommend Personal Training/Business English Course.

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Sentence framing

Correct sentence framing is essential to develop good communication skills in English language.

Make it impressive

Sentence manipulation is a technique of taking simple sentences and turning them into a piece of art.

Global English

There are so many accents across the globe and we need to understand them properly in order to reply appropriately.

English Writing Skills

English is the global language and you need to learn how to write impressive content with proper protocols.

Be English language pro

Simple things can be done by anyone, you need to have deep understanding of English grammar to sound proficient.

Personality development

India’s best online English speaking course comes with personality development modules for overall development.

Learn new words

Make your language more impressive with new words taught every day in the classes.
Improve confidence with public speaking
You will be given chance to speak on a global platform of students to build your confidence.

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