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  • Nida

    September 26, 2022 at 2:12 PM

    Due the advent of modern architecture, not only have all the cities started looking identical, leaving almost no room for uniqueness but this has also pushed the local cultural and traditional art of construction to the brink of extinction. Unfortunately, the new housing system have played a key part in diminishing the heritage architectural designs of many civilizations.

    There are various factors that have led to the flourish of many modern housing projects. Firstly, there is problem of limited housing due to continuous influx of population in the urban areas. To compensate for the increase in the demand of abodes and decrease in un built land area, the architects have developed hosing projects which involves building of apartments in high-rises, where every house is identical to the other. This has robbed the very soul of a house, which is built to express the unique cultural background of every individual. Secondly, since almost the construction material is pre-fabricated, modern houses all bears the same look. Though it is cost effective and can be afforded by many families, it can’t compensate the charm of locally handcrafted material. Thirdly, in this age of globalization people live and work in various cities in their lifetime. Governments and private builders strive to give them a sense of similarity in work and housing structures. The people feel at home from wherever they live and work, however they are deprived of an opportunity to experience the architectural character of the region they are living.

    The traditional method of living not only gives the city and its dweller their unique identity but also plays a major role in keeping alive the dying art of handicraft. The old methods of house building are also sustainable because they are conceived around the local weather and climate of the place and hence takes away the dependency on air conditioners, heaters, electrical chimneys etc.

    It is unfortunate that one has to let go of cultural heritage architecture for cotemporary house designs. The newer generation will experience it only in the form of heritage buildings, monuments and their old family homes. Its rather sad that the cities are losing their old charm and traditional architecture has become a tale to be told to coming generations.

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