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  • Shreyas

    September 26, 2022 at 11:30 PM

    Nowadays, the buildings that are constructed do not resemble the old architectural features that was influenced by society’s culture ,and they look similar to each other. Although they prove to be cost friendly for their construction, they have lost its touch with the aesthetics that the olden establishments had, which is a bad thing. This essay will elaborate the reasons behind the cause of the issue and also provide conclusion with personal opinion.

    To begin with, due to globalization along with proliferation of population, many tall residential, business and government properties are built by taking the budget into consideration. As a result, most of the buildings are constructed to provide tenancy for as many individuals as they can. To achieve this the designs of modern complexes are made monotonous in looks with greater emphasis of fulfilling functional requirements. For instance, the apartment in a residential complex have thin walls, less carpet area but is allocated with bathroom and bedroom as these are basic requirements of public.

    In my opinion, this adoption has hampered the availability of traditional homes that were significantly present in earlier times. Firstly, the newer generation won’t be able to enjoy the unique homes that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly. As a matter of fact, the earlier establishments used materials like thick stones, mortar and bricks that resisted the heat and also kept the interior cool, as opposed to modern ones that use prefabricated materials like cement blocks and concrete. Consequently, many people have to use air-conditioners to keep their infrastructure ventilated as well as cool thereby increasing the global warming.

    In conclusion, the adoption of modish architecture for newly-founded premises has risen and has resulted in loss of unique heritage and identity of communities. In my opinion, it is dreadful as in future we are only remained with fewer buildings of the past.

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