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  • aman

    September 27, 2022 at 8:21 PM

    Now a days irrespective of the scale of industries, advertising products play pivotal role in attracting customers.. In some countries, children are persuaded to buy toys , snacks and other good imposing tremendous pressure on their parents in buying these products. This essay shall discuss to what extent does these highly emphasized advertisements affect both children as well as their parents.

    To begin with, it is crucial to advertise any product in electronic or print media so that the company would be successful in making profits. Firstly, Many companies advertise their product veritably especially to attract children. Children are inconspicuous about the toys and believes whatever is shown in the advertisement and insists their parents to buy those products. Children are fantasized with these toys so that they can put on airs infront of their friends. Secondly, snacks and other eatable items are emphasized with higher degree in advertisements indulging children to buy and eat them at any cost. For instance, cheese ,mayo and other ingredients are added in higher proportions in the advertisements than in reality making children to crave for these products. Therefore, these advertisements likely disturbs the well being of children and at the end both parents and children are equally affected .

    On the other hand, advertisements which are not exaggerated and are relatable to actual product may not indulge children in buying them thus helping parents in providing things that are useful for their children in daily deeds. It has been proven by many researchers that eateries that are high in sugars and fats are advertised rigorously making children to eat them on regular basis putting more burden on parents at same time health of an individual is also obliterated. For these reasons , government should initiate respective directives to these advertising companies so that threshold is not reached.

    In conclusion, proper advertisements maintains harmony in children , parents and in the market. I disagree that all advertisements are notorious but obscure about the extent of advertisements that are menace in the market. I agree with the fact that some advertisements are worrisome to the parents. So proper publishing and showcasing of advertisements should be obligatory.

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