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  • Shreyas

    September 27, 2022 at 10:51 PM

    In modern world, with the advancement of technology, the life expectancy of humans has increased significantly as compared to the past; however, it has caused various problems to the society. This essay will first suggest that the major problems caused by this issue are the increasing burden on healthcare system and lack of resources as well as argue that encouragement for volunteerism for elderly care and utilization of senior citizens are the most viable solutions.

    To begin with, every nation ,whether it be developed or developing is facing the crisis of scarcity of health services. Consequently in the period of pandemic this causes issue in managing the affected public, especially the old aged individuals. In addition, amidst of it a dilemma is created on public health services to either treat the old and weak or the young abled ones. Secondly, as the population of senior citizens increases, the budget that government must provide for the retirement fund along with medical care also has to be increased, thereby creating a pressure on governments.

    When it comes to solutions for these problems, campaigns to encourage the voluntary involvement of people to engage in helping the prominent healthcare workers should be carried out. For instance, during the pandemic period when there is need of taking care of mildly affected elder ones , non-affected persons can contribute by helping the nurses. Furthermore, the government could take steps to resolve the issue of lack of resources. One of the ways is to extend the age of retirement. Many countries have standard age of 55 to 60 years old, which can be extended to 60 to 65 years since their senior people are still in healthy and prime condition. Therefore, it would reduce the government social welfare budget for the retired people.

    In conclusion, the world has developed a lot in recent years, and has positively impacted on the average life expectancy of people. However, this positive effect has also caused a lot of problems to the society, therefore it is necessary for governments to take some action to mitigate this issue.

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