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  • Shubhum

    September 30, 2022 at 11:24 AM

    It is often argued that considering money management as a new subject is beneficial for senior secondary school students for how to used the money on right or wrong stuffs. I am totally agree with this statement. This essay will suggest having a talent is mandatory to make a successful career in future. To begin with, finance or money management classes are really helpful for us to secure our future from financial losses. We should have to understand the importance of money which is earned by our parents through their hard work in offices. If we spend our money buying study instruments etc. that is worth it. Furthermore, if we spend our money in purchasing unnecessary stuffs like junk cuisines, video games etc. which is wastage of money as well as time. At certain time, it will play the role of diversion to accomplish our future plans. However, having a subject like finance management it would help us to protect from scamster and spread awareness among the people. If everyone gain knowledge about money management and will apply to their daily life , eventually this will decrease both poverty ad illiteracy rate. For an example i have seen many of people in the present time which is battling with their financial crisis due to the lack of knowledge. At last not least, providing better education facilities to everyone it leads our career up to the mark. To conclude, all teenagers should be provided money management lessons in every school. This can help them in future as well as in decision making .

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