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  • Bala Bharathi

    October 27, 2022 at 7:50 PM

    In recent past, there is a huge spike in count of young people moving from rural areas to cities leaving the elderly behind. I personally think this migration has its own negative effects on rural development and it also leads to wastage of available resources. This essay will explains the downside of this kind of migration.

    There are various reason for youth migrating to cities. Firstly, metro cities have numerous highly established schools, colleges and universities. People who dreams of good education will definitely choose these institutions than the colleges in rural areas. Secondly, most of the multi national companies reside in urban areas , which provides jobs for qualified youth. This will attract the youth who have completed their education and waiting for jobs. Young aged people who prefers modern lifestyle like visiting multiplex, shopping in metro malls prefers living in cities than rural areas

    Migrating to urban areas to have good quality of life has its own drawbacks. With the increase in people moving to cities there is high rise in population which further rises the cost of living. There will be constant spike in air pollution and traffic as there will be more vehicles moving around. Recent study by university of Delhi stated that there will be more climatic disasters coming in next 5 years with this air pollution. Leaving elderly at natives will reduce life at countryside as there will be no help available for them to take care.

    In conclusion, Though, young people are moving to cities for education and better opportunities, this trend still have negative effects on air pollution, rising population and old citizens living in natives.

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