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  • Joyce

    October 28, 2022 at 7:57 AM

    A no of young people are migrating to cities and towns leaving the old people behind. I believe this is a negative development that will stall the growth of the countryside.

    One of the problems that occur from the younger generation moving to urban areas is the decrease in productivity in the areas which require physical labour (for example wheat, vegetable, and fruit cultivation). For example, there has been a significant downfall in the agriculture sector in past years, as the youth moved to more developed areas the old generation found themselves incapable of handling all the work alone, eventually leading to no other option other than selling it to big corporations for factory constructions.

    Another demerit is the helplessness the elderly people feel when they require any medical attention or help in any kind of an emergency, which leads to a feeling of loneliness. For example, the flood that occurred in Kerala in 2018 created a shortage of food in many backward areas, leaving the people living there vulnerable with nobody to help them.

    In conclusion, the government should use the funds in a way that would help in the betterment of schools, hospitals, and job opportunities in non-urban areas, which will slow the shifting of generation z to boondocks.

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