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  • isha

    November 22, 2022 at 11:42 AM

    To begin with, nowadays the latest inventions play a crucial role in technical development projects all over the world. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of machine labour versus human labour in order to advance modern technologies.

    Today, all global corporations expect efficacy. Therefore, the concept of artificial intelligence takes first place by introducing robotics, which helps in implementing recent skills. Robots are primarily useful for producing more output with less effort. As with humans, there will be no errors for androids such as the calculations and measurements are accurate, which is not possible for humans. These perfect outcomes will help the sectors make decisions more effectively and efficiently.

    On the other hand, the shortage of jobs for people results in an increase in unemployment, which threatens the developed countries as well. Even though robots help complete tasks in less time, their manufacturing costs are very high. There are many scientists who can come up with new solutions, which increase the organization’s economy and boost its reputation. Although there are a few human errors while implementing the code, they can resolve all those issues with their advanced knowledge to provide the desired output.

    In conclusion, while there are benefits to using machines to execute the most recent development techniques, the necessity of human beings also deserves a better place in order to balance the global work life for better advancements.



    You can start your essay directly with ‘nowadays.’

    Clearly state your opinion .

    Here we don’t need furthermore in the beginning of BP 1st.

    In BP 2, transitioning from one point to another is important.

    BP2 is not clear.

    Bands – 3/6

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