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  • Divya Gupta

    December 15, 2022 at 8:38 AM

    The line graph illustrates the crowd of various means of entertainment such as radio and television in UK, October to December 1992. Units are measured in percentage (%).

    People watching TV increase gradually from 8am to less than 10%, while decreasing slightly by 10.30am. However, the traffic surges throughout the day upto 50% and shows an immediate fall at midnight dipping to just above 0% and remains almost constant till the end of the day.

    Radio audience experiences a rise to just under 10% to 30% between 8 to 10am. Although, the crowd keeps declining by 10am to 2pm. Furthermore, radio traffickers peaks slightly at 4pm, however plummeting 6pm onwards to just above 0% by the end of midnight.

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