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  • Vikas

    December 26, 2022 at 5:05 AM

    It is been said that the work which was earlier done by the people is now taken over by the machines increasingly. In this essay we are going to discuss both advantages and disadvantages.

    With machines taking over some of the work, there are more workforces available who can start focusing on many important things such as new inventions which can change the world, or may be spend some leisure time with family as machines are working for them during unavailability. In addition to that machines are mechanical which never gets tired and programmed to give same result on every execution for example with car assembly line automation, now more cars are manufactured than ever before.

    That being said, machine and automation comes with its own problems such as sudden job loss due to manual work replaced by machines can impact people’s life in a way that they are unable to support themselves and dependent family members, furthermore too much relying on machines can impact people’s ability or learning negatively, for instance, in case of machine failure, human may not be able to perform the task to perfection as they were earlier, consider human too much relying on calculator and unable to perform mathematical calculations.

    In the end, machines are created to offload human work partially or completely and if it used in a correct way then there is so much of potential we can have combining both human and machine together to create this world totally different place to live therefore we should continue to use machine widely and let humans to explore and focus on new things.


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