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  • Vikas

    January 17, 2023 at 9:08 AM

    Person should utilize the education for the betterment of the community at the same time it can help him or her to get to their personal goals. I suggest, even though people attain their dream, they should not forget their responsibility towards the society.

    Education is a life essential skill and one learns so many good deeds during the school or university. One of the important aspects that we learn is how to benefit others. Teachers are the key influencer to motivate during education by telling them about different profession such as police, doctor, or an engineer and its responsibilities. How these occupation are helping civilization since many years provided everyone is dealing with empathy and treating every person equally.

    On the other hand, being zealous is not at all bad provided it doesn’t create imbalance in the public. Imagine everyone is trying to be a doctor and there is shortage of other professions because people are trying to get into a high paying profession or a respectable career and creating disproportion. In addition to that, running towards a goal for too long can impact the mental well-being as well, if dreams not achieved. It’s a proven fact that some people gets into a depression, if there are repeated failures.

    In the end, I would recommend that although chasing one’s dream is perfectly fine, we should remember our commitment towards the humanity to make it a better place by helping the needy. Nonetheless, aim of learning from the past is meant for welfare of people, should not end up harming anyone while running towards passion.


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