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  • isha

    February 2, 2023 at 4:05 PM

    Information technology is one of most significant phenomena of our daily lives and now contributing to our social and corporate activities.

    In this essay, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of using information technology.

    Undoubtedly, information technology advancements make human lives so smooth by providing everything at ease. In fact, nowadays, electronic devices complete our task in a single click. We can, for example, buy and sell items online, book tickets, and transfer money.Moreover, it also eases out daily work related things like AI, which creates opportunities in today’s world to sell and buy products or services online with one click, and it is also creating international opportunities.

    On the other side, uses of information technology that make human lives unhealthy, like an increase in screen time, are the main reason for depression, as we’ve seen in many reports that today’s young generation is much more depressed.

    We can also see a lack of human touch because today’s generation is much more focused on online interaction than offline interaction, such as students who prefer to play games online rather than offline.

    Finally, we can say that it is physically disconnected people, but
    it is creating opportunities of human lives and making progress in our dailylife

    – Prepare four paragraphs.

    – In your introduction, paraphrasing is important.

    -Repetition of words and ideas.

    – Essay need to be more organized.

    -Use a variety of sentences.

    Bands -2.5/6

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