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  • Sahil

    February 11, 2023 at 5:16 PM

    Increase in Tourism activity show us how we need a common language to communicate and how English is solving this problem gradually. We can see advantage and disadvantage of using one language in world

    The foremost advantage of using one language over multiple language is that it is very to survive at those places where other people understand you and help you in answering your queries, it attracts the other people to travel to other countries and enjoy the varieties of religions, games, monuments and many more. Like consider India, Taj Mahal is of the 7 wonders of world, and it is major spot of interest from all over the world, and also in India English is considered as the second most popular language so people from English speaking country can easily visit and enjoy the ambience of Taj mahal.

    The main disadvantage of a single language is it create barriers in terms of growth of society. For example, if we only have access to one language then it is very difficult to shift to other countries in terms of job, medical etc. Also countries which only focus to one main primary language offer suffer in terms of attracting best talent to their country

    In Conclusion, a single language which is universally accepted gave the benefit of improving relationships, but surely it kills the opportunities for those who is believing in one language system only

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