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  • Sohail Madan

    February 17, 2023 at 12:21 AM

    Violent activities are being effortlessly managed in recent times. A part of community does agree to this, however, others feel there’s still lot of scope for improvement in this area.

    In different parts of world, we could find varying crime rate. In developed countries, we have flawless laws, swift actions that makes them offence free. Nonetheless, in developing countries, where systems are not yet stable; we see more number of offence happening. Moreover, type of crime may also change based on geolocation. Such as, places with access to internat get plethora of cyber misdeed cases everyday, on the other hand remote areas suffer from theft instances.

    Running awareness campaigns in the society can help reducing the malicious practices to a great extent. We can educate people to be cautious about certain things like while using internet or travelling after dawn. More importantly, we can spread awareness among the lawbreakers that they could get punished in a ways that could alter their entire life. May be, authorities can set some examples by penalising the accused with serious charges, so wave terror spreads among other offenders as well.

    At the end of the day, i must say inhuman acts have taken a dip, lately. In spite of that we need to complete certain action items that are pending on our plate. It’s not just government who should be responsible for eradicating the evil from the society, we all are in this together. We should all vow that neither we will indulge ourselves nor we will allow anyone to encourage wrongdoings.

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