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  • Kunal Kumar

    February 21, 2023 at 11:10 PM

    Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in a variety of spheres in the modern world in place of people. This essay will first go over the benefits and drawbacks of this trend before I offer my own viewpoint.

    On the one hand, using mechanical personnel in place of people in some industries has many advantages. First of all, androids are mistake-proof. Many factories use bionic workers during production to reduce human error and improve the calibre of their output. For instance, Toyota made all of its factories use robots to assemble engines 50 years ago, and as a result, Toyota engines are now regarded as the most dependable in the world. Second, machines are able to work continuously and produce a greater quantity of goods than humans. The two options that manufacturers typically have when the demand for their products increases and they are unable to meet it are to hire more employees or use robots. The second option is better because robots do not require break.

    However, using robots in place of people has disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is that a significant portion of employees in a variety of industries face a high likelihood of losing their jobs. Unfortunately, a lot of professions are no longer in demand today, making it very challenging for experts in these fields to find employment. For instance, because almost all jobs in auto assembly plants involve robots, candidates cannot find well-paying positions there. Robots lack creativity, which is another drawback. Without humans, it is impossible to improve a product, and machines can only carry out the instructions given to them in a programme. Therefore, businesses in this situation are dependent on people.

    In conclusion, using robots in place of people has many advantages, such as the elimination of human error and machines’ ability to work continuously, but it also has a number of drawbacks. I argue that it is advantageous to replace humans with modern robots because such developments may result in new product quality standards that will undoubtedly benefit the end users.

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