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  • Sarthak

    March 10, 2023 at 11:09 PM

    As we know that Road is used for transportation. And transportation is major part of our lives. In our daily life , things or people is transferred from one place to another place through any type of vehicle. So we are the one who is using roads most of the time .

    We are the one who’s increasing the vehicle or cars for our comfort.

    We should pay the tax for our comfort. If our road system will be better then our life will easier. Because of roads, things and people are transferred on time.If it won’t be managed properly then our life will be miserable like hell.

    These are some basic things which we have to understand.

    On the other hand , we pay the tax to the government on every level.

    For example ,when we are buying a car ,we pay tax to the RTO department. when we are going somewhere through highway ,we pay the toll tax to the government.

    And at the end when go for driving licence to the RTO office. We pay the tax for this also.

    I’d go as far as I can ,we pay income tax also. Now it’s the government who has to serve us better. Because as a good citizen we are playing our role honestly. Government should work for the wellbeing of the citizens. And better road is the major part of our life . With time the number Of cars will be increased.

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