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  • Ketan

    March 28, 2023 at 8:17 PM

    Since the advent of information technology, it has changed all aspects of our lives. Although there are disadvantages of such technology have become clear, I believed the advantages are non-trivial by a significant margin.

    There are numerous advantages of information technology, one of them being outsourcing of repetitive work to information technologies making the whole pipeline of productivity a lot more efficient and therefore reducing human intervention. Computer technology has also bought a revolution to the way we communicate making it almost instantaneous helping save time and increase value. Since its inception it has created millions and millions of jobs and help build some of the largest companies from ground up in tern changing the fabric of our society.

    In any kind of technology emergence, there are disadvantages also and information technology is no different. One of the most prominent once being increase in sedentary lifestyle which can results into serious health implications like obesity, spinal injuries and mental health issues which are not easily diagnosed. With increase in adoption of such technology there is increasing fear of job loss where people believe that their jobs might get replaced by a computer which does the same work more efficiently. Apart from this some fear disinformation, overwhelming information and its effects on society increasing significantly.

    In conclusion, it’s clear that there are dis-proportionally more benefits of information technology as compared to its drawbacks and if we work to solve the issues facing such technology, disadvantages can be reduced to a negligible extent.


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