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  • Khyathi

    May 30, 2023 at 5:43 PM

    These days, parents are not backing off from fulfilling their young one’s desires and also not restricting any of their doings. They are allowing the kids to do whatever they want in the name of freedom. I don’t think this is the right way of parenting and this leads to the inability of the child to be independent. This essay talks about the right way of upbringing children and the outcome of pampering in the near future.

    Firstly, rising children doesn’t mean to accept their every wish. Saying no, is very crucial in letting the kid realize what is good and what is not and also correcting them will teach them how to behave. For instance, if the young one is stealing a pen or a toy from his mate, correcting him there and then will stop him from repeating it and also becoming a thief in the coming days.

    If, parents say yes, to each and every request he/she makes and puts a blind eye in their wrong doings/behavior will surely cause intense effects in his/her adult age. When they become adults, they might lack the sense of right and wrong, struggles in making decisions not only this but also to stand as an independent individual in the society. Petting them might look like loving them but it actually spoils the young ones.

    Finally, I conclude that pampering way of upbringing may look good to the society, but it will have a huge negative impact on the children in facing the cruel world. To rise a responsible and autonomous person, the type of upbringing which has denying and rectifying is important.

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