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  • jyothi vadlamani

    May 31, 2023 at 6:15 PM

    Many people believe that the process of learning any other language should start from a very beginning stages of the school. In contrary few people also believe that the learning process can be done later.In my opinion children should be encouraged to learn language at a very inital stage in school.This essay shows the pros and cons of both sides.

    It is a known fact that children are quick learners and they tend to grasp much quicker than adults. Learning a second language other than mother tongue is always beneficiary as children are now a days going to different places for further education.Children are more curious to learn different things when compared to adults.But few schools have introduced second language to encourage children in developing their skills.

    Many believe that learning different language process should begin at the later stages of life. The main reason behind this is that students at a younger age might not be able to pull it off along with their mandatory syllabus. And this can become a burden to the students thereby causing harm rather than good.

    To conclude, although learning a language at an early age can cause some difficulties, it has an extremely impactful on student’s personal and professional growth. I believe strongly that learning language will outweigh the positive side on younger age.

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