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  • Khyathi

    May 31, 2023 at 7:28 PM

    Few assume that children should be educated a language before head in school while, some say learning these in higher classes is better. This essay discusses, for and against on the above statement.

    Toddlers tend to grasp things easily, they mimic everything they see as they memorize way faster than adults i.e., as people age, the time taken to learn or understand gradually increases, teaching new languages to kids at tender age is beneficial rather in older age. Also, teaching them new languages early will save them time in the future to learn extra subjects. Educating them new skill will increase curiosity in them to learn more.

    Up skilling them early may create a stressful environment leading to mental disabilities and also, they may develop ignorance and lack of interest in learning new things which indirectly effects their academic performance. Leaving the young minds stress free, allowing them to grow in play full and cheer full conditions will help them bloom in the future.

    In my view, teaching children at lower classes is help full in building a strong and confident career. Moreover, new subjects should only be taught until he/she opens their minds freely without feeling stress. One should not force them to learn, instead creating a joy full surroundings will level up their mental capacity making it less hard to seize knowledge, which also results in long term memory. Finally, I conclude that pressurized education beats stress free education either it may be youngers or elders. Tuning younger minds is way easy than the adult minds so, teaching new subjects prior is better than later.


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