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  • isha

    May 31, 2023 at 7:30 PM

    Parents will do anything for their children’s happiness. Children get everything easily they ask for from their parents. But sometimes too much of anything can have negative consequences. Make your introduction clear.

    Parents choose to fulfill every desire of their children and grant them unrestricted freedom. While this approach may stem from a place of love and the desire for their children’s happiness, it can have detrimental consequences as children grow older. My writing will discuss how this type of parenting approach can make them dependent and careless.

    Some parents are so blind that they buy everything from gadgets to branded clothes for their kids. These habits of relying on family members can have a bad impact. The children developed habits of dependency on their parents for every problem instead of solving them themselves. These routines of dependency carry on when they are older, and this affects their work by taking their job roles for granted and not giving 100% performance in whatever they do. Every work they do or every product they purchase can be taken for granted without knowing the value, so these can cause major financial loss, or sometimes these habits can cause a high chance of unemployment.

    BP1 – Indulgent parenting can foster dependency in children, inhibiting their ability to solve problems independently. – Topic sentence should be clear like this.

    Also, some parents give their children lots of money, which can cause teenagers to get involved in drug purchases and drinking alcohol, which can ruin their health, mental health, and education. Most cases, like drug trafficking, drinking while riding superbikes, involve children born into a “silver spoon family since the children think that their parents will always be there for everything. This has ruined many children’s innocence, their future careers. In this adolescent age, they are unaware of what is good or bad for them, so they tend to do it repeatedly, even in their older years.

    Parents can buy their children anything in this world; however, the duty of parents is to check on their children from time to time on their behaviours, should teach the importance/value of the products they are gifting to their children. Families should differentiate which products should be bought for children of different ages.

    Grammatical errors.

    -Use connectors and use clear topic sentences.

    – Essay should be balanced and structured well.

    Bands -3/6

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