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  • Khyathi

    June 1, 2023 at 12:43 PM

    In recent times, people are less socializing. Few reasons for this are, having busy schedule or spending more time on gadgets rather with people. Spending some time and making small conversations with people around will help in knowing them better. This essay will describe the reasons and solutions for this situation.

    To meet the required living standards, people are working round the clock, so they are unable to spend few minutes to the people around them. This is the one main reason for not knowing their neighborhood. Also, usage of electronic gadgets has distanced people so much that even in their leisure time, they are prioritizing mobiles and computers over a group chat or an outdoor walk. Not only adults but also children are more interested in playing mobile games than outdoor games which paves way to develop lack of interest in socializing.

    In old times, people used to sit under a tree or in an open place, discuss their thoughts and laugh a bit which helped in knowing people better. But in present, we just forgot spending time with people, helping one another, which distanced each-other in such a way that, even their presence doesn’t matter. This can be avoided by spending less time on gadgets, interacting with people in free times, encouraging the kids to play with the community children rather with devices.

    Thus, I conclude that, talking and mingling in with locality members will not only helps in knowing things but also works as a great stress buster and people are the ones we need in tough times.


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