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  • tsering

    June 1, 2023 at 2:46 PM

    In the past neighbors play a huge role in social life. But in current generations there is a huge gap of communication between the person living next door. It can be due to lack of communication skill, busy life but most gen-Z prefer to spend their time mostly indoors playing video games scrolling through social media.

    There can be numerous reason why current generation don’t know their neighbors, one such example some people are not very good in language command or having poor communication due to their shyness, lack of confidence causing the gap in knowing their neighbors. In some cases people are so busy with their official work they don’t get time for socializing (Example) Doctor who work mostly in odd shifts and overtime often doesn’t have time for greet/meet.

    In my opinion, these problem can be prevented through a proper setting of community association where they can held meet & greet session with all the neighbors. They can also held events like festival celebration for all religion. and also building community park for children to play, elders for walking and gossiping. In these way communication with the neighbors can be build strong.

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