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  • tsering

    June 1, 2023 at 3:17 PM

    The picture describes the development of infrastructure happened in Felixstone between the year 1967 to 2001.

    On the Southern part of felixstone, golf course remains the same in both the year and in the north high street road there were two different lane of shops seen in 1967 but by 2001 one lane of shops is converted to apartment complex.

    On the east side, there were farmlands filled with greenies during 1967 but approximately after 30 years farmland has been converted to Hotel with swimming pool and tennis courts attached.

    In 1967, fish market, hotels, cafes are located so near to sea and greenies but by 2001 the hotel had been redesign with space for parking vehicles and also converted the whole fish market place to a separate Public& Private beach. By 2001 they also build wind turbines near the sea.

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