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  • Khyathi

    June 4, 2023 at 5:51 PM

    Installation of Electronic gadgets are reducing the employment compared to past. There are ups and downs because of technology, it might be affecting the community in terms of employment, but it is also providing new opportunities to the upcoming generations. In this essay, I will discuss about the pros and cons of the given statement.

    Firstly, I can say that without technology there is no development. These advancements in the technical field are paving way to the new interventions and to a whole new world. For example, at first when the mobiles were invented, people working in postal department went on strike in fear of losing their jobs while the actual situation is vise-versa i.e., rise of new postings has taken place in departments such as mechanical, sales, electrical, advertising department and many more, which in turn also helped in rising the country’s economy. The same goes with the medical field, advanced machineries helped in accurate diagnosis of the disease and in curing them within short period of time.

    Although digitalization has many upsides, it also has few downsides. For instance, if a person is uneducated and solely dependent on traditional method of business, will face a problem in acquiring new skills which may lead to financial crisis over his family. due to this, the future generation might not know the traditional methods and customs as we are slowly moving into the technical world.

    In my opinion, although machinery advancements may mask few jobs, but in contrast it is also creating new chances for next generations, in order to go with the flow, one has to develop new skills and has to increase their knowledge.


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