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  • Khyathi

    June 26, 2023 at 12:25 PM

    Few people are convinced that social media services have adverse effects on either individual or public. I completely agree with the statement, because social browsing has more cons than pros. This essay will enlighten the negative sides of the media on the person as well as the civilization and also the reasons for my view.

    The unhealthy impacts of social platform on an individual are mainly, increase of peer pressure, addiction, and risk of being conned by the false information that is spread on the sites. Let’s see how peer pressure is developed in an individual. If a person in browsing over the media and watching all the things shared about others lifestyle, he/she will gradually compare himself with others who barely know him which in turn will lead to depression and also foster to engage in either self-harm or criminal thoughts, just to be acknowledged and respected in the community.

    Another important outcome of its usage is addiction. These days many of the teenagers are interested in getting more likes, subscribers, comments etc., than others which is leading to” win at all costs attitude” weather by uploading inappropriate content or by posting wrong information. Because of this misleads society is being robbed in away or other. Every now and the, we are coming across an article on news regarding cyber trafficking and online frauds just because of blind trusts on what-ever information that is posted on the internet.

    Despite of all this negativity, there are few positive impacts of social media such as study related contents are provided, can obtain up to the minute news. So, by limiting the browsing time, and sharing what is relevant online and trusting only the entrusted channels can reduce the ill impacts on this society.


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