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  • isha

    June 30, 2023 at 8:44 AM

    Without a doubt, new technologies, or what we can call social networking sites, have impacted communications as well as relationships in many ways. From my perspective, it cannot be denied that social media these days has created a lot more negative impact than positive. Therefore, I am going to reflect my own view of such an issue in order to confirm my argument through this essay.

    First and foremost, Social media exposes young children and adolescents to unrealistic standards that might force them to push themselves to a certain unnecessary extent. For instance, if a person uses filters that can make their skin brighter or clearer, with these tools anyone can become easier on the eyes; however, that is not real life. People who see all this on social media tend to believe all of this to be true, and they can start having impractical expectations of themselves. This can often lead to body dysmorphia or even self-esteem issues.

    Secondly, social media can create a false pretence for not just kids but adults as well. It is extremely easy for everyone to remain anonymous on the internet, and this can cause some serious security issues. It can basically open doors for predators.

    To summarise, In my opinion, social media is a powerful tool for the world to connect with each other. However, it is imperative that it is used in a way that does not cause harm to anyone.

    Nice attempt.

    Make use of punctuation marks at right places.

    Word count is less than 250. Elaborate your 2nd body paragraph.

    Bands -3.5/6

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