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  • Jasmeet

    May 27, 2021 at 8:24 AM

    No one can deny the fact the tourism industry as a whole is very beneficial and good for the economy. However, it has few negative impact on local inhabitants and the environment. I will cover both the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in this essay.

    With the increasing number of tourists from all over the world has increased the number of employment for local people of that particular area. The employment, therefore has generated the revenue which is good for native people. The people felt the need to learn new foreign languages which is a part of their personality development as it will help them somewhere in their future. The hiked prices of various products and services has generated income for the people. Tourists loved handcrafted things more than the readymade ones which results in making good money for the people who are working hard to earn their livelihood.

    With the emerging rise in tourism industry there are other sectors which has benefited from it like hotel industry as people spend more of money at restaurants and retail sector as people love to shop the clothes and accessories. The transport industry gets extra money out of it.

    On the other hand, local infrastructure has damaged due the foreign crowd. The pollution has increased with the large number of people at the tourists destinations. The historical monuments are being spoiled. Moreover, the biggest challenge is the damage to environment caused by the litter and garbage. The Taj Mahal at Agra, India is losing its sheen due to the continous vehile pollution there. After the season is over for vacation at a particular has caused the main problem for the local commuters as the people are left with no employement which in result force them to migrate them to other places for work.

    I would conclude the topic by favouring the tourism industry as it caters to the economic sustainable of the country at the end. The government should lay some environmental laws for protecting the environment which is deteriorating with the large gatherings. The more funds should be used to protect the ecology.

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