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  • rahul

    May 27, 2021 at 12:08 PM

    Tourism has increased enormously in the last five decades. Some people believe that this increased tourism is beneficial for the economy while other oppose this argument. In my opinion tourism benefits are more than its consequences and this essay examine both the sides of this argument.

    To commence with the foremost development that Tourism bought is revenue and employment for local youths. As when the foreign visitors come to another country, they will buy goods and avail services of other country due to which native people will get the job of tourist guide, transporter or selling local products. It will also help the government in appreciating the reserves of foreign currency as foreigners will exchange their local currency with other country native currency for travelling. Apart from providing benefit to the government or local people it also serve as a boom to hospitality, Airline and service sector. So overall it will help the Country in its development and reduce unemployment as more the tourism will result in higher the opportunities for native individuals.

    Moving to consequences which tourism has provided to local society is pollution as visitors carelessly leave garbage at the monuments or roads on which government has to work by providing budget for cleanliness of these sites and better infrastructure. As these precious sites are the proud of native country which is destroyed by the foreign visitors and sometime this garbage will also cause a dangerous disease lie flu, malaria or fever for native individuals if not controlled at a proper time. Further when visitors promote their own culture in other country then the native people will be attracted to their culture and start losing interest in their own culture or history.

    Taking everything into consideration, I must say that Tourism is beneficial for the development of any economy and act as source of income as well as employment to native people. However, at the same time government should take proper measures to control the damages these foreign visitors are providing to local infrastructure.

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