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  • NIL Admin

    May 27, 2021 at 12:29 PM

    You made a great stride in this task Rahul!! But we need to work with you to improve your score.

    Band Score:3.5/6.0

    Grammatical Errors:

    In my opinion tourism benefit (benefits of tourism) are more than its (negative+) consequences

    (comma is required here) the foremost development that Tourism bought (brought)

    they will (no ‘will’) buy

    due to which native people will (no ‘will’) get the job of tourist guide

    unemployment as more the (no article) tourism will result in higher the(no article) opportunities

    Moving to (negative) consequences which tourism has provided (inflicted)

    at (around) the monuments or (on) roads

    There are a lot more errors…….but these are not to be worried about, but taken as a constructive criticism. Talk to your trainer about your grammar skills.


    • Try to improve your grammar skills.
    • If you are not sure that the sentence is absolutely correct, DON’T make it. Errors will result in more negatives than the positives of complex sentence framing
    • You tried to include some good words, but the usage was a little off.
    • Repetition of the liking devices

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