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  • Nayeela

    May 27, 2021 at 5:26 PM

    In every city or country there are places beautiful and significant enough that people from far and wide would want to visit them. In the last fifty years, as transport systems and the means of connectivity has become significantly better, there have been a spike in tourism. This might be seen as a positive or a negative development by different people. This essay is going to shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of this trend and elaborate on why i believe tourism is beneficial.

    Some people might think this increase in travel and tourism is unfavorable. There are a few reasons that justifies this notion. Firstly, a rise in the number of tourists could disrupt the normal lives of people living there. Visitors from other countries usually lack the understanding of cultures which are followed in the places they visit, thereby causing a ruckus. For example, Japan and Korea has a culture where being polite and mannered and respecting the hierarchy is really important and when tourists simply do not know about this, they could offend people or cause confusion in such places. Another reason for an aversion to tourism could be rising levels of pollution. To accommodate visitors, a country might have to turn green covers into hotels and have more vehicles running causing a significant increase in air and noise pollution. For instance, Madagascar was not modernised until the 1950s when tourism started picking up pace which has, according to the statistics published by the University of Cleveland, caused a significant rise in carbon levels in the atmosphere. So, because tourism causes discomfort to the locals and also increases pollution it could be seen as a negative development.

    There are lots of advantages of tourism which overshadows the disadvantages. To embark on, tourism jas increased the nation revenue significantly. A nation which has good finances can increase the standard of living and the per capita income of their citizens. To give an idea, the standard of living of people of France has improved significantly. This was single handedly made possible due to the Eiffel tower. Another advantage is the social and cultural exposure to the local inhabitants. People of different nationalities come together at one place and this causes a cultural exchange among people which leads to an increase in empathy among them. East Asian countries are a good example ,as they were, in the past, known to be xenophobic. But now they are the most friendly people on the planet. Therefore, economic stability and better interpersonal relationships with people of different countries has made tourism really important.

    In conclusion, traveling and meeting people is an inherent trait among humans.In my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages greatly. Though it may have it’s downsides like an increase in pollution, the advantages can’t be overlooked. Society could be made better when people meet and understand one another and when the economy is also boosted through this, that could be taken as a cherry on top.

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