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  • Gundeep

    May 27, 2021 at 9:59 PM

    In this competitive world, everyone has to be on there toes to move forward and have an exceptional life. Children are exposed to competition from a very young age be it academically or socially.

    In my opinion contesting should be encouraged, healthy competition is good in instilling positive attitude in children. It prepares the kids for the problems they will be facing in adulthood, also developing skills which will benefit them throughout their lives. With proper guidance from their parents, teachers and other coaches, they can instill a good sportsmanship which entails positive attitude towards everyone no matter the outcome of the competition besides this, they also learn from their mistakes and can become more capable adults.

    Other people believe that competitiveness in kids can become destructive. They believe that contesting against each other may create a lot of pressure on the child and may lead to a low self confidence which may have sequalae of avoiding these tasks, which in turn affects the overall growth of the child also there are some parents who are very overprotective of their kids and don’t want them to receive any grievances so they don’t encourage them much for participation in these kind of events. The question arises, is it alright to avoid competing just for the sake of avoiding discomfort?

    On the other hand cooperativeness could be another approach, where children can work in groups to learn new things and experiment together. it is believed by some people that this puts little or no pressure on kids and help them form a good friendship with their partners and colleagues.

    In conclusion, healthy competition and being cooperative both are very essential for an overall growth of child. Although, I believe that a healthy competition helps children become a more independent and a prominent part of the society.

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